Putin Photo Raises Health Concerns

Putin Photo Raises Health Concerns

Putin PHOTO Released – Is The Man Ok?

(WatchDogReport.org) – The world’s eyes have been focused on Ukraine since Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded his neighbor to the west in February. Now, speculation is swirling over potential health problems that he could be facing, including Parkinson’s disease, based on a video of him shaking and having trouble walking when he was meeting with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko.

As far back as November 2020, rumors circulated of him having been diagnosed with cancer, but the Kremlin strongly denied there was any truth to the claim. However, recent video footage appears to show him looking bloated, which has brought renewed attention to that possibility.

The Daily Mail published a story on March 12 noting that the puffy look and pale skin could be a side effect of long-term steroid use for the treatment of cancer. They also say that other brain disorders such as dementia or “roid rage” may have been behind his launching the war, according to unnamed intelligence sources.

Those sources said they have human intelligence assets who have told of changes in Putin’s mental acuity over the past five years and hinted that his advisors aren’t telling him of any problems with the war efforts out of a sense of fear. Of course, with all the propaganda flowing from both sides in the conflict, one must remember there’s only one thing that will prove who is telling the truth: time.

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