Putin Claims He’s Just Getting Started in Ukraine

Putin Claims He's Just Getting Started in Ukraine

Putin Just Showed His Hand – It Should Terrify All Of Us

(WatchDogReport.org) – Russian President Vladimir Putin told leaders of the Russian Parliament that he hasn’t even begun to show his hand in Ukraine. According to the Associated Press, he accused Western nations of imposing their globalist vision of what the region should look like, warning that continuing the fight could come down to “the last Ukrainian.”

“It looks like it’s headed in that direction,” Putin said ominously, noting that he thought it was tragic for the Ukrainian people. He reiterated his desire for Ukrainian leaders to sit down and end the conflict, insisting that the longer they wait, the more difficult it becomes to reach an accord.

For Ukraine, a deal requires the complete and immediate removal of Russian troops from inside its sovereign borders. The Kremlin demands Kyiv acknowledge the Crimean Peninsula, annexed in 2014, as sovereign Russian territory. Additionally, Moscow wants the Donbas region as well as any other land currently held by troops on the ground.

Neither side is likely to give in to any of the demands, leaving Putin focused on delivering messages to the West.

Putin also seemed to place the blame for terrorism, separatism, and internal strife in his own country on the West. The leader noted that his mission in Ukraine was historic and that those who sowed the seeds of division would ultimately lose.

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