Putin Bows To China’s President

Putin Bows To China's President

(WatchDogReport.org) – The roles have allegedly reversed between Russia and China throughout the years. Now that Russian President Vladimir Putin is having difficulty securing a win in Ukraine — a victory that he assumed would be simple. According to one author at The Daily Mail, Chinese President Xi Jinping is exploiting that weakness.

The two leaders met in March, just days after the International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for Putin over alleged war crimes. While Xi reportedly got Putin on board with trade deals that will do little to benefit Russia while benefiting China, Xi did not publicly promise any weapons for the war in Ukraine.

Instead, a symbolic gesture was made when they both signed a joint statement recognizing the “legitimate security concerns of all countries.” The vagueness of that statement has led many to speculate what it could mean for the future of Taiwan and other disputed territories in Ukraine.

While Russia may be open to peace talks, Putin is demanding the recognition of sovereignty over Crimea, as well as Ukraine’s promise that they will neither join the European Union nor NATO.

The meeting between China and Russia is reportedly a swipe at Western nations who have all rallied behind Ukraine with hundreds of billions of dollars in funding and military equipment, which Russia sees as a declaration of war. In response, Putin is moving nuclear weapons to Belarus in a move he claims is not dissimilar to what the United States does all around the world.

In December, U.S. Congress recently approved an additional $45 billion in aid for Ukraine while passing a $1.7 trillion spending package. This number adds to the $195 billion already sent to Ukraine from the U.S. alone.

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