Pro-Abortion Activist Tackled by Secret Service

Pro-Abortion Activist Tackled by Secret Service

Biden THREAT – Secret Service Rushes In!

( – President Joe Biden’s motorcade was traveling to a meeting of the 9th Summit of the Americas when passengers were treated to something of a show before the events of the evening. An unidentified woman carrying a bullhorn walked into the street and approached the line of vehicles shouting what appeared to be pleas to the president to take action if the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) overturns the 1973 landmark abortion case Roe v. Wade.

This was when the Los Angeles affiliate Fox 11 captured a video that was missing only one of their NFL broadcast teams and a telestrator for them to draw on.

A Secret Service agent is seen rushing into the frame like a Pro Bowl-caliber linebacker blindsiding an opposing quarterback dropping back for a pass. He carried her over towards the curb, where he took her to the ground, and they struggled for a bit until other law enforcement agents came over to assist and got her handcuffed.

Other pro-abortion activists have bared their souls for the cause, running onto the court at a WNBA game between the New York Liberty and the Minnesota Lynx, leaving their shirts behind. Three more stripped down to their underwear at Lakewood Church in Houston during service being led by celebrity pastor Joel Osteen.

As for this woman, she was taken into custody and an investigation is ongoing.

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