Police Arrest Pharmacist Who Intentionally Spoiled Vaccines

Police Arrest Pharmacist Who Intentionally Spoiled Vaccines

(WatchDogReport.org) – The COVID-19 vaccine rollout is taking place across the country. Healthcare workers and others who want it have started receiving the first dose of the Pfizer and Moderna inoculations. Unfortunately, distribution hasn’t gone as expected in Wisconsin.

On December 31, authorities arrested an unnamed pharmacist who worked at the Aurora Medical Center in Grafton, Wisconsin. Police accused the worker of intentionally removing 57 vials of the Moderna vaccine from a refrigerator, spoiling them. Hundreds of doses of the vaccination were thrown away as a result.

The police have not released a motive for the pharmacist’s actions.

Moderna was part of President Donald Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” initiative that helped develop a COVID-19 vaccine in less than a year. The commander-in-chief has called the speed at which companies developed the vaccine “historic.” Eventually, every American who wants to receive it will be able to get it in spite of this setback. Currently, doctors have administered nearly five million doses of the vaccine.

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