Pence Says GOP Must Choose Between Conservatism And Populism

Pence Says GOP Must Choose Between Conservatism And Populism

( – Former Vice President and presidential candidate Mike Pence recently said that the GOP must stop embracing populism and return to the traditional type of conservative espoused by former President Ronald Reagan. Speaking at the New England College during a “SiriusXM Town Hall” event, Pence noted that the Republican Party is at a point where it has to make a decision that could define its future. The former vice president said it will all be decided between a candidate that offers “common sense conservatism” or a candidate that follows the “siren song of populism.”

The Republican leader told the crowd that the first choice would “carry forward” American world leadership, as well as the traditional values of life and liberty. Pence then said this is the best option for the GOP, as populism has always been “unmoored to conservative principles.”

He also said that former President Donald Trump and many other Republican candidates could harm the party as they are embracing populist views and are moving away from the “conservative agenda.” The former vice president explained that these candidates are proposing isolationist stances on foreign policy, which he believes could reduce America’s global influence and leadership. He also said that these candidates are even willing to ignore a debt crisis that the United States is currently facing and could affect future generations.

According to official statistics, the US national debt increased $8.6 trillion during the two terms of the Obama administration, while it increased $6.7 trillion during the four years of Trump’s presidency. In the current administration of President Joe Biden, the national debt has increased by $3.5 trillion from inauguration day to April 2023.

Noting that he used to be a Democrat when young, Pence told the crowd that Reagan was the one who attracted him to the GOP because of the common-sense principles offered by his conservatism. He then said this made the GOP achieve major victories and deliver “real” security and prosperity for Americans.

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