Partial US Census Data Released

Partial US Census Data Released

( – Every decade, the US Census rolls around to collect vital information about the state of the country; 2020 was that year. Recently, the government released some of the data collected, and it was great news for Republicans.

On April 26, the US Census Bureau released some of the information gathered. According to a press release, the “population of the US on April 1, 2020, was 331,449,281.” That is a 7.4% increase from 2010. In addition to the information about the population increase, the Bureau also announced the winners and losers of congressional seats.

  • Florida, Oregon, North Carolina, Colorado and Montana will gain one seat each.
  • Texas is gaining two seats.
  • California, West Virginia, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Michigan each lost a seat.

The fact that Texas and Florida both gained more seats is great for Republicans, who hold the majority in those states. The Democratic Party’s majority in Congress is incredibly slim. These states should help boost the GOP. Now that those numbers are in, states will begin their redistricting efforts. The new reapportioned Congress will be sworn in January 2023.

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