Parler’s New Web Host Supports Free Speech

Parler's New Web Host Supports Free Speech

( – In mid-January, Amazon, Google, and Apple all removed Parler from their platforms. The social media company scrambled to find a new hosting service to continue its business. After more than a month, the company recently announced it has finally found what it was looking for.

On Monday, February 15, Parler relaunched its site after the long, unnecessary break. SkySilk Cloud Services is now hosting the free speech social media site. The web service company’s CEO Kevin Matossian said his platform doesn’t “condone hate.” Instead, it “rejects the role of being the judge, jury, and executioner.”

SkySilk Cloud said it “supports the freedom of speech” given to Americans by the First Amendment of the Constitution. Therefore, it will not go the way of the other Big Tech platforms and try to censor Parler or its roughly 22 million users.

The company is a breath of fresh air in a business filled with the stench of censorship.

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