Parler Donor Says Supporting Platform Is About Supporting Free Speech

Parler Donors Say Supporting Platform Is About Supporting Free Speech

( – When Big Tech began censoring Conservatives, a new social media company, Parler, rose in popularity. The company was soon targeted by Silicon Valley and taken offline. It’s finally back up, and now one of its top donors recently spoke to the platform’s workers about the fight to keep it online.

On March 16, Bloomberg published a report about Parler after obtaining audio of the company’s conference calls. In one call on February 15, conservative donor Rebekah Mercer spoke to the company’s employees and told them they’re fighting for free speech because “shutting down free speech is the first step toward tyranny and despotism.” Mercer is backing the company financially as it reboots. On February 8, interim CEO Mark Meckler said something similar, telling workers they’re “warriors” in a “war.”

Free speech is a tenet of American culture. Although the First Amendment only legally applies to censorship from the government, there’s an expectation that online platforms will honor that as well. They have not, and it’s why Conservatives are fighting so hard to make changes to the current laws.

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