NFL Star to Run on Trump’s Advice

NFL Star to Run on Trump's Advice

( – In March, former President Donald Trump set the state of Georgia abuzz when he seemed to endorse Herschel Walker for the Senate. It came as a shock because the former NFL player never actually said he was running for office. The former president was just trying to push him toward that path because he thought Walker would make an excellent senator. Now, it looks like the athlete could take that advice.

On Friday, June 18, Walker posted a video on Twitter that seemed to tease a run. The caption of the video was “Georgia on my mind.” In the quick clip, he’s seen sitting in a car. He said that what the people hear is “hope,” referring to the sound of his car engine. Walker then exits the vehicle and says he’s “getting ready” to “run with the big dogs.” Walker then squats next to a license plate that says “Georgia” on it.

Political pundits believe the license plate shot was meant to show that he’s establishing residency in the state. If Walker decides to run for the Senate he’ll be in the race for Senator Raphael Warnock’s seat. In 2020, the Democrat won a special election, and now has to run for his seat again.

If Republicans can take that seat from Warnock and hold on to all of their current seats, they could flip the Senate red again and stop President Joe Biden’s agenda.

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