New Weapons Are on the Way to Ukraine

New Weapons Are on the Way to Ukraine

( – The United States is sending a package worth $800 million to Ukraine to assist its citizens in defending themselves against the invading forces from Russia. The weapons cache includes anti-tank weapons and missiles, anti-aircraft missiles, grenade launchers, gear, ammunition, and a new weapon – kamikaze drones. These drones, formally known as Switchblade tactical systems, come in two varieties that could severely deter Russian troops. Each drone only goes one way and doesn’t return.

The Switchblade 300, at 2 feet long and weighing slightly over 5 pounds, carries explosives made of C-4 and ball bearings to target infantry forces and artillery. That weapon can travel up to 100 miles per hour (mph) and can reach a designation up to 6 miles away.

The Switchblade 600 can travel up to 24 miles at 70 mph and weighs a hefty 120 pounds. However, this weapon packs a much bigger punch that can destroy tanks and other armored targets.

Both systems come with a GPS for guidance and have the ability to hit both moving and stationary targets. Fortunately, they also have an abort option if the operator suspects civilians nearby.

Considering these weapons are coming from the United States for the purposes of taking out Russian troops, aircraft, and tanks, will Russia see the package and its intent as an act of war and respond accordingly?

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