New Poll Suggests GOP Could Win 2 Senate Seats in 2022

New Poll Suggests GOP Will Sweep Senate in 2022

( – Republicans are hoping to take back control of Congress in 2022. They only need to net five seats in the House and one in the Senate to make that happen. Although both races are important, it’s in the Senate where they could have the most impact, and it looks like they’re on the path to take it back.

According to an October 1 Newsweek report, polling suggests the Democratic Party could lose Nevada’s Senate seat. An internal poll conducted by Senator Catherine Cortez Masto’s GOP opponent, Adam Laxalt, allegedly shows the Republican leading her 39% to 37%. Conservative pollster Chris Wilson conducted the survey of 504 likely voters with a 4.4% margin of error, meaning it could swing that many points in either direction.

New Hampshire Senator Maggie Hassan is also in danger of losing her seat. At the end of August, Saint Anselm College Survey Center surveyed 1,855 likely voters in the northeastern state. Governor Chris Sununu (R) led the senator 49% to 40%.

If Republicans take back Congress next year, they’ll effectively prevent President Joe Biden from passing any meaningful legislation. Given how things are going in the first eight months, that could be exactly what America needs.

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