NASA Goes Woke in New Message for Future Moon Landing

NASA Goes Woke in New Message for Future Moon Landing

( – The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is conducting a mission that will put an American on the moon in 2025. However, the three-fold plan isn’t open to just any qualified astronaut – only women or people of color. Unfortunately, that means if you’re a qualified white male, you’re not welcome on the mission. NASA committed to the initiative in April 2021, which is sure to satisfy President Joe Biden’s woke agenda to advance equality.

Sadly, picking and choosing participants based on gender and color sounds an awful lot like discrimination.

While it’s true that NASA has not put a woman or person of color on the moon in the past, some say it’s unfair to exclude a part of the population simply because they don’t fit specific parameters.

Artemis I will be an unmanned flight to the Moon and should take off in March. Artemis II will have a crew and will spend about 10 days in space, orbiting the Earth twice before heading to the moon. Each mission will provide necessary data for Artemis III, which will include a four-person crew set to land on the Moon. These operations will help NASA with planning human travel to Mars. Perhaps when those trips arise, NASA will give every qualified person the opportunity to participate.

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