Narrative of Trump’s Election Lawsuits Begins to Crumble

Narrative of Trump's Election Lawsuits Begins to Crumble

( – For weeks, Democrats and the media have been selling the public a line about former President Donald Trump losing upwards of 80 election lawsuits. They said it in an attempt to delegitimize his claims of voter fraud. However, a new report has found they were spreading a false narrative.

According to citizen journalist John Droz Jr., Trump has actually won two-thirds of the lawsuits. He put together a spreadsheet that took into account all of the suits, then eliminated the 34 cases that were consolidated or dismissed. That left 47 lawsuits, 22 of which have been given final verdicts. Trump and the GOP won 15 of those, losing only 7. Another 25 suits haven’t reached a final conclusion.

The public spreadsheet allows people to look over the various cases. We have not independently verified his data. However, if he’s correct, this completely obliterates the narrative of the Left. Not only did Trump not lose 80+ lawsuits, he won the most important ones. Don’t expect to see that on the evening news, though.

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