Most Americans Support Gina Carano’s Holy Fight Against Disney

Most Americans Support Gina Carano's Holy Fight Against Disney

( – In February, Disney fired “The Mandalorian” star Gina Carano for having the audacity to express her own opinions on her social media account. The billion-dollar company wouldn’t stand for it and let her go. A new poll shows most Americans think the whole scandal was nonsense.

A March 4 poll by Public Opinion Strategies found 65% of those surveyed think corporate woke-ness is “taking political correctness too far.” Of the 1,098 people polled, more than half of them said they have a favorable opinion of Carano. And, 70% of those who saw her social media posts said she shouldn’t have lost her job.

The irony of Carano’s firing is that Disney has done so much worse. The company let her go, in part, because she shared a post by someone else comparing how Conservatives are treated to the way Germans treated their neighbors before WWII. Disney couldn’t abide by that comparison, but the company films in China where genocide is taking place right now. The hypocrisy is breathtaking.

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