Mitt Romney Predicts Trump Landslide in 2024

Mitt Romney Predicts Trump Landslide in 2024

( – Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) is one of the most vocal anti-Donald Trump RINOs in the GOP. He was the only member of the Republican Senate to vote to convict the 45th president, and he also voted that way the second time. However, as hostile as the senator is, even he knows who voters are loyal to.

On Tuesday, February 23, Romney said that he doesn’t know if Trump will run again, but if he does decide to go for it, the senator is “pretty sure he will win.”

Romney’s comments came after a Suffolk University/USA TODAY Poll found that 76% of the Republicans who answered the survey said they would vote for Trump again. Another 46% said they would leave the GOP if he started his own party.

Trump has not said whether or not he’ll run for president again, but with the widespread support he still has with GOP voters, Romney is probably right. Republican constituents appreciate everything the former commander-in-chief has done and would like to see him continue to carry out his America first agenda. Hopefully, he gets the chance to do that.

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