Migrant Surge: The Numbers Are Staggering

Migrant Surge: The Numbers Are Staggering

(WatchDogReport.org) РRaul Ortiz, the U.S. Border Patrol Chief, took to his Twitter account earlier in the week to lay out the statistical realities of the Biden Administration leaving the border wide open. Ortiz used three days during the first weekend of May to paint a picture.

Ortiz notes during those three days, 26,382 migrants crossed the border, with an additional 7,399 crossers who evaded law enforcement. That equates to 11,260 migrants known to have crossed the border each day at known ports of entry only.

Along with these people, 164 pounds of marijuana, 83 pounds of meth, 66 pounds of cocaine, and 11 pounds of fentanyl were discovered. Keep in mind just two milligrams of fentanyl can be lethal. Ortiz stated that 5 pounds of heroin, $12,200 in cash, one firearm, three sex offenders, one wanted felon, and one gang member were also found crossing.

Ortiz then posted even more shocking statistics when looking at a seven-day week. The number of migrants apprehended was 54,951, with 18,698 gotaways averaging around 10,500 illegal aliens per day crossing at just the ports of entry.

The statistics for the week included two assaulted agents, $714,492 in cash seized, 101 pounds of cocaine, 1,050 pounds of marijuana, 2,721 pounds of meth, 138 pounds of fentanyl, 16 firearms, six sex offenders, and seven gang members. Ortiz says over the prior ten-day period, migrant crossing was up nearly 177% — not including those who slipped through undetected.

As Title 42 expires on May 12, Border Patrol expects a massive surge of between 700,000 and 1 million new migrants. Texas Governor Greg Abbott is deploying a small 545-member Tactical Border Force to work with the 10,000 Texas National Guard soldiers already there.

Abbott blamed Biden for the crisis and asked for elite soldiers, not the 1,500 military clerical workers who will aid the crossing Biden sent. Despite the evidence to the contrary, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas still claims there is no border crisis.

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