Man Who Bribed US Military Has Mysteriously Skipped Town

Man Who Bribed US Military Has Mysteriously Skipped Town

High-Profile Fugitive Mysteriously VANISHES – He’s Gone!

( – It’s not unusual for someone accused of a felony to try and flee justice — but this is certainly a mysterious case. Leonard “Fat Leonard” Francis, a Malaysian national, is the mastermind of a bribery scheme that netted him millions of dollars and cost dozens of United States Navy personnel their careers. He allegedly cut off his ankle monitor on Sunday, September 4, and is now the focus of a manhunt.

Apparently, this was no case of silently slipping into the night and simply disappearing. At this time, it’s still unclear whether or not the court-ordered security guards were at the scene, but neighbors have reported seeing several U-Haul trucks at the property around the time he’s suspected of leaving. When authorities entered the home, they found nothing but the ankle monitor. According to the Daily Mail, Leonard was under the supervision of Pretrial Services, but reportedly foots the bill for another private security firm responsible for watching him.

Francis had pled guilty to bribing officers of the United States Seventh Fleet with goods and services, including free prostitutes. He had been speaking to Tom Wright for his podcast, even though, as the host wrote in a Wall Street Journal essay, it was “in contravention of his plea deal.”

Some speculation surrounding his disappearances involves the fact that he has kidney cancer and was angry the Navy failed to prosecute any of the senior officers involved. Officials have conceded that he’s probably in Mexico already and possibly on his way home to Malaysia. The manhunt is ongoing.

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