Man Arrested for Breaking Into Museum for Dinosaur Selfies

Man Arrested for Breaking Into Museum for Dinosaur Selfies

( – People have done crazy things to get the so-called perfect selfie. Some have even lost their lives while trying to get that photo. However, one man took it to a whole new level.

In 2020, CCTV footage showed a man inside the Australian Museum in Sydney in the middle of the night. Cameras spotted the man getting close to dinosaur exhibits. At one point, he put his head inside of a prehistoric creature’s skull to take a photograph. Worse, he stole a staff member’s cowboy hat and walked out of the museum with it on his head. He took a photo off of the wall as well.

According to authorities, he spent 40 minutes inside of the museum. Deputy Chief Inspector Sean Heaney told reporters that he should turn himself in because a movie producer wouldn’t be knocking on his door; the police would. The suspect, a 25-year-old German man who was in the country for school, later admitted to the crime.

Police arrested the international student, then charged him with breaking and entering. The next time he wants to get a cool selfie, maybe he will consider doing something that won’t get him locked up.

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