Mainstream Media Slams Biden for Speech on Inflation

Mainstream Media Slams Biden for Speech on Inflation

Breaking News EXPLODES During Biden Speech – Media Goes Crazy!

( – Almost everyone has heard the phrase “timing is everything.” Another truism along the same lines is that a good deal of politics is all about the optics. On the afternoon of September 13, those two facts slammed into each other on the South Lawn of the White House. While President Joe Biden was speaking at a shindig celebrating the Inflation Reduction Act, cable news channels, including Fox and CNN, went to split-screen mode with “breaking news” saying the stock market had taken a severe beating.

The optics didn’t improve when one looked at the headlines from outlets like Bloomberg, the Associated Press, or Reuters, either. The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 3.94% as the S&P 500 closed 4.32% down for the day. Meanwhile, the NASDAQ composite “beat” them both by shedding 5.16%.

This marked the worst day for Wall Street since June 2020, and it came about because the August report on inflation was released earlier in the day.

While Biden was patting his own back along with all of the Democrats who passed the bill, he made sure to crow that “every single Republican voted against this.” He also told the world, “after all, this bill cut costs [present tense] for families, helped reduce inflation at the kitchen table …”

Apparently, the president was unaware that over the prior 12 months, the “food at home” price for those families sitting around their kitchen table increased by a staggering 13.5%.

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