Liz Cheney Wants Democrats To Vote for Her Now

Liz Cheney Sent INSANE Request To Democrats – Shows Her True Colors!

( – It seems Rep Liz Cheney (R-WY) has reached the point of desperation. In a new poll, she trails primary challenger Harriet Hageman by a huge margin. Her support for the impeachment and continued persecution of former President Donald Trump weighs heavily on the voters in her deep red state. In response, Cheney is doing what most Republicans would probably find unthinkable: courting Democrats.

Wyoming is an overwhelmingly red state. Current voter rolls count more than 200,000 registered Republicans to well under 45,000 Democrats. The incumbent’s plan to stay in office is to convince Democrats to come to the polls, switch parties, and vote for her over her Trump-endorsed opponent. Hageman leads in the latest Mason Dixon poll by 22 points, with only 11% undecided.

The congresswoman would need between 14,000 and 18,000 Dems to come to her aid to fill the gap and give her a chance to move forward — an unlikely scenario. It won’t be for a lack of effort, though. Cheney even granted her support to the recent gun control bill in an apparent effort to win over the Left in her state.

Former national chairman of the Young Republicans, Jack Mueller, told Newsmax he’s been trying to get the state legislature to change the rules that allow people to switch parties on a primary election day, only to switch back the next time around if it suits them, but to no avail.

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