Lin Wood Writes “Ms. Powell Retracts Nothing” After Legal Threats By Dominion Systems

Lin Wood Writes

( – Attorney Sidney Powell has been raising questions about Dominion voting machines for weeks. She believes there’s evidence to prove the machines switched votes from Donald Trump to Joe Biden and has filed lawsuits related to the claims. On Wednesday, December 16, Dominion Voting Systems demanded she retract her “baseless and false accusations,” or the company would sue her. But, she’s not backing down.

Powell’s lawyer, Lin Wood, responded to the company’s demand in a curt response. He said he isn’t impressed with the threatening letter, and his client isn’t going to do what they want.

Wood and Powell have both been fighting to overturn the election results because they believe there’s evidence of widespread voter fraud. They’ve continued this crusade as the Left and the media have attacked them. Dominion Systems may have thought their demand was intimidating, but it seems they underestimated the duo.

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