Kim Jong-un’s Family Getting Experimental Treatment for COVID

Kim Jong-un's Family Getting Experimental Treatment for COVID

( – The North Korean government has repeatedly claimed there aren’t any cases of COVID-19 in the country. To keep his people safe, Kim Jong-un has cut off almost all trade with China, and now his family is taking drastic steps to protect their health.

On December 1, Harry Kazianis, an expert on North Korea with the Center for the National Interest, said Kim Jong-un and his family were vaccinated for COVID-19 in the “last two to three weeks.” The Chinese government reportedly gave the leader and his family an experimental vaccine for the virus.

World experts doubt North Korea’s leader is being honest about the number of COVID-19 vaccines in the country. However, there’s no way to disprove what he’s saying. There’s also no information on whether the vaccine was proven safe before the family received it. None of the Chinese COVID-19 vaccinations have entered Phase 3 trials yet.

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