Kathy Griffin Blasted for Civil War Post

Kathy Griffin Blasted for Civil War Post

Famous Democrat BLASTED Over Threatening Post

(WatchDogReport.org) – Back in 2017, comedienne Kathy Griffin decided to take her brand of “comedy” a bit too far when she posted a picture that showed her holding President Donald Trump’s severed and bloodied head in her hand. Now, just as she has regained some shred of relevancy, she has decided to dip her toe back into the pool of politics, claiming that voting for Republicans will lead to a civil war.

Perhaps, Griffin feels emboldened by President Joe Biden’s recent attacks on MAGA Republicans, labeling their ideals as “semi-fascism” and using his power to command the use of primetime television to demonize his political opponents. The backlash was quick in coming, with Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) taking to his Twitter feed calling it “WRONG,” while adding that it is typical of the political “Left: angry, hateful & violent.”

The senator wasn’t alone; the official Twitter feed of the Libertarian Party offered this translation of her words, “if my political party can’t enslave the rest of the country to our will, there will be civil war.” Other commentators and pundits chimed in with their thoughts. Some suggested the idea of a peaceful split up, and one conservative author trolled Griffin by reminding her which is the party of gun owners.

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