Kamala Harris Benched as Biden Set to Attend NATO Event

Kamala Harris Benched as Biden Set to Attend NATO Event

(WatchDogReport.org) –  President Joe Biden recently sent Vice President Kamala Harris overseas twice to meet with NATO allies and discuss the situation in Ukraine. However, the president benched the second-in-command to attend the next meeting in Brussels, Belgium, on March 24 himself. According to White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, Biden will meet with the heads of NATO to talk about their united response to Russia’s continued invasion of Ukraine in terms of “deterrence and defense.”

While in Europe, the president will also attend a European Council Summit to discuss economic sanctions against Russia and humanitarian support efforts. However, Psaki would not confirm whether or not the US leader would travel to Ukraine’s capital city.

During Harris’ recent trip to Poland and Romania, she had to explain why the president rejected Warsaw’s idea of sending fighter jets indirectly to Ukraine through the United States. Although that plan didn’t work out, the Veep tried to convey that the US and Poland were united in standing with Ukraine.

Although Biden put Harris on the sidelines this time, the First Lady may travel to Eastern Europe to check on the refugees leaving war-torn Ukraine. The travel plan is not set yet, but there’s speculation that she may go to Poland to help.

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