Juror Mysteriously Comes Forward, Could Lead to a Way Out for Ghislaine Maxwell

Juror Mysteriously Comes Forward, Could Lead to a Way Out for Ghislaine Maxwell

(WatchDogReport.org) – In December 2021, a New York jury found socialite Ghislaine Maxwell guilty on five counts of procuring and grooming multiple minors for sexual abuse. One juror revealed after the verdict that he was the victim of sexual abuse as a child, giving Maxwell’s attorneys possible grounds for appeal. While everyone serving jury duty brings their own experiences, Scotty David allegedly used the information about his past during deliberations with his fellow jurors.

Before trial, a questionnaire asked jurors about past sexual abuse. Scotty doesn’t recall answering any past sexual abuse questions during jury selection. But the consequential fact is that he did not disclose this information before the trial. He stated, however, that he would have been truthful about previous abuse if asked.

The juror allegedly used his experience to explain to his fellow jury members how complicated recollection can be after sexual abuse trauma. Following the verdict, Scotty said he was proud to be part of the group that held Maxwell accountable for her unconscionable acts as a child predator, despite opening the door for legal maneuvers that could undo a guilty verdict that would bring harsh punishment on the well-connected Epstein associate.

The entire trial and verdict could be for nothing if the judge accepts Scotty’s past as a reason to start the trial over again. Unfortunately, former New York federal prosecutor Moira Penza confirms the incident “could definitely be an issue” if he didn’t disclose the information before trial.

What do you think about the strange story of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell? Will Maxwell finally face justice?

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