John Kerry Denies Allegations Against Him

John Kerry Denies Allegations Against Him

( – On Sunday, April 25, the New York Times published leaked audio of Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif claiming Barack Obama’s former Secretary of State John Kerry told him that Israel attacked Iranian assets in Syria “at least 200 times.” Zarif can be heard saying he was shocked Kerry revealed the information to him. After fierce backlash, Kerry is denying the allegations.

Kerry took to Twitter to deny the story, calling it “unequivocally false.” He claimed it didn’t happen while he worked for Obama, and has not happened in the years since he left that position.

Republicans are calling on Kerry to resign from President Joe Biden’s National Security Council over the allegations. Former US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley called the claims “disgusting” and said Kerry will have to answer for allegedly stabbing Israel in the back. However, the former secretary of state is standing firm in his denial.

If the allegations are true, it could permanently damage the US’ relationship with Israel and have devastating consequences in the Middle East.

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