Joe Biden Caves, Starts Praising “Squad” Member After She Humiliated Him

Joe Biden Caves, Starts Praising

( – On May 18, when President Joe Biden touched down on the runway in Detroit, Michigan, he was not greeted by a happy person. Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) confronted the commander-in-chief and they engaged in what looked like a heated eight-minute conversation. However, instead of standing up to her, he started praising her.

After the incident on the tarmac, Biden toured the Dearborn Ford factory. He gave a speech while there and heaped praise on Tlaib. The president said he admires the congresswoman’s intellect, passion and concern for others, saying her comments were from the heart. He called her “Rasheed” and said she’s a “fighter.”

Tlaib, a Palestinian-American, has been highly critical of the Biden administration’s response to the conflict between Israel and Palestine. The congresswoman and the rest of The Squad want the president to abandon Israel. And, Biden’s praise of her is leaving some wondering if he’s going to cave to the far-left’s anti-Israel policies.

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