Joe Biden Approval Nosedive After Errors

Joe Biden Approval Nosedive After Errors

( – When President Joe Biden took office in January, pollster FiveThirtyEight showed his average approval rating was 55%. That number remained over 50% for months, until his withdrawal from Afghanistan. Now, America is angry over the way he has handled multiple issues and his approval rating proves it.

On September 29, a new ABC News-Ipsos poll showed Americans are losing confidence in the way the president is managing key issues. In August, 64% of people had confidence in the way he was handling the pandemic, but now that number is 57%.

In August, 41% of Americans approved of his handling of immigration, and that dropped even lower to just 33%. Additionally, 62% of people liked his infrastructure plan over the summer; now, only 55% like it.

The president’s approval rating is 38% on both Afghanistan and gun violence.

It’s not just Republicans and Independents dragging Biden’s poll numbers down. The confidence Democrats have in their leader is slipping, too. Only 60%, 69%, and 65% of Dems agree with his handling of immigration, Afghanistan, and gun violence, respectively.

The poll shows that Biden is in deep trouble. Americans from all stripes aren’t happy, and they are expressing their feelings. What’s the president going to do to change their minds?

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