Is it Time to Free Britney Spears from Her Conservatorship?

Is It Time to Free Britney Spears from Her Conservatorship?

( – In 2008, singer Britney Spears had a very public mental breakdown. It culminated in her losing custody of her two children and a stint in a psychiatric hospital. Her father, James Spears, became her co-conservator (or guardian) and took control over her estate, career, and other aspects of her life. Should that end?

For the last year, the singer has been fighting to have her dad removed from her conservatorship, but she suffered a setback on November 11. Unfortunately, a Los Angeles court denied her request. Spears’ attorney said she is afraid of her dad and will not perform as long as he oversees her career.

It’s important to note, Spears wasn’t asking to end the conservatorship completely; she just doesn’t want her father on the case. However, some experts think the arrangement violates her civil rights because people with disabilities, like her, are often stripped of their rights through these guardianship agreements. Getting out from under one is incredibly hard, as the pop star is learning now.

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