Iran’s Leader Has No Plans to Meet Biden at UN Appearance

Iran's Leader Has No Plans to Meet Biden at UN Appearance

World Leader SNUBBING Biden? Makes Public Announcement

( – Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi makes no effort to hide his contempt for both the United States and Israel. He’s scheduled to speak to the United Nations (UN) General Assembly and, in comments made at the Tehran airport before he left for New York City, said that he has no intentions of meeting with President Joe Biden.

While the Biden Administration hasn’t been trying to set up a meeting with Raisi, his very presence at the upcoming UN assembly is drawing lots of controversy. Talks to renegotiate the Iran Nuclear Deal that former President Donald Trump scrapped have pretty much halted as Iran reportedly continues to build up its nuclear arsenal. Raisi said he is attending the assembly to discuss the “malice” other countries have shown his own.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and a group of other Republican senators introduced a bill to prevent the Iranian president from entering the United States, noting in a press release that Raisi is “listed by the State Department as ineligible for entering the United States…” They accuse Biden of ignoring the law, while Pastor John Hagee took it a step further in an op-ed and said that he’s selling out the country and “is now poised to repeat Obama’s mistakes.”

Lesley Stahl recently sat down with Raisi for an interview on “60 Minutes,” where he shared his views on several topics. He demanded assurance that should both parties agree on a new deal, Washington would not withdraw. Raisi also called the United States untrustworthy.

How do you feel about Raisi entering the United States?

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