Iran Threatens To Destroy Giant City

Iran Threatens To Destroy Giant City

( – The Islamic Republic of Iran and the Muslim extremists who have been in charge of it since the late 1970s have typically viewed the United States and Israel as their two biggest enemies. In a propaganda video shown on their state-run television network, viewers were shown what the government claims would happen if their nuclear processing facilities were to be attacked, the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) reported on December 26.

While playing up Iran’s military might by making it sound like Israel would need all the luck in the world to reach and destroy the Natanz uranium enrichment plant, they described the counterattack that would come. The video’s narrator claims the country’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) would launch solid fuel rockets that would destroy Israel’s Dimona nuclear plant “within seven minutes” and follow that up with silo-based missiles to destroy Tel Aviv.

Israel has never officially confirmed it has nuclear weapons capability, but the general consensus around the world is that if it does, the Dimona facility would be a key factor. However, the country has always kept the option of a preemptive strike against Iran open in the event that it feels the renegade government in Tehran is getting too close to delivering on its nuclear threats.

Iran has managed to enrich natural uranium to what is called the 60% level (according to the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, enrichment means increasing uranium-235 isotopes to higher levels). At that point, it is possible to create a nuclear bomb. While not strictly necessary, it is not difficult (relatively speaking) to take it to 90% enrichment, which would make any device much more potent.

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