Iran Claims Ability to Turn NYC Into “Hellish Ruins”

Iran Claims Ability to Turn NYC Into

Iran Threatens NUCLEAR Retaliation – “Hellish Ruins” on American Soil!

( – Iran International, a publication based in London, claims two accounts posted a video to the messaging platform Telegram, which could be proof that the Islamic nation is closer than ever to becoming a nuclear state. The outlet states the original posters have ties to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and that the two-minute clip is a harrowing look into Iran’s readiness to play in the big league.

Direct Threats to New York City

The video claims uranium enrichment at the secret facilities deep beneath Fordow could be stepped up to produce a bomb with ease. There are a lot of “ifs” in the segment. For example, the narrator points out that the peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear program could be weaponized if the country was provoked by the west making “stupid mistakes.”

He then goes on to claim that a bomb would work well on one of Iran’s rockets and could turn the Big Apple into “hellish ruins.” Iran’s space program isn’t known for its successes.

Currently, uranium enrichment under the current regime is at 60%. At 90%, a bomb would be weeks away.

They Can, But Will They?

Iran says it has no plans to build a weapon, and there may be a good reason to believe it. Muslim fatwa, or religious doctrine, states that the building and stockpiling of nuclear weapons is an affront to Islam. Therefore, officials maintain the innocence of the country’s program. Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei issued the edict personally.

As with most things concerning Iran, however, it’s never quite as it seems. IRGC Brigadier-General Amir Mousavi told Lebanon’s al-Mayadeen television that fatwas can change if a situation warrants it. He told the outlet the supreme leader could reverse course if “America and Zionists act in a dangerous manner.”

There’s also a concern with the country’s officials refusing to negotiate with the Biden Administration in terms of a new nuclear deal. Actions have been more hostile than the last time the US tried to establish an agreement.

Can New York Survive a Nuclear Strike?

A direct hit to Central Park by a missile from an existing nuclear state would likely devastate the bulk of Manhattan and beyond. Whether or not Iran could build a weapon that could do the same damage as a Russian or Chinese ICBM is questionable, but any atomic strike would be harsh on the crowded metropolis.

The city isn’t oblivious to the threat. The Emergency Management Department put out a public service announcement informing residents what to do in the event of a strike. The 90-second clip doesn’t offer a ton of information, but the agency thought it was important enough to at least cover the basics. The video stresses the likelihood of that kind of assault is extremely low before offering suggestions to stay safe.

In the event of a strike, get indoors. Go to the basement if possible. If not, get to the middle of the building. Remove any clothing that may have been exposed, bag it, and wash up. Then, find a way to follow civic communications and stay informed. One can hope there’s never a need for this information, but in a worst-case scenario, hopefully, the message will have an impact and save lives.

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