Ilhan Omar Lashes Out After Backlash From Attacking Christians

Ilhan Omar Lashes Out After Backlash From Attacking Christians

( – Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) finds herself in the midst of controversy of her own making. The young lawmaker decided it was a good idea to retweet a video of Christians singing on a plane along with a snarky comment about her own religion.

The video went viral over the Easter holiday weekend, gaining more than 36 million views. The airborne flashmob sang a song of faith, and then it was over. Passengers are leaning on their seats and singing and clapping. Omar, for some reason, has an issue with these people expressing themselves.

After Christians and Muslims alike called her out, Omar doubled down on her position in what appears to be a bit of a trend away from the “tolerance” championed by the Left. Those of her own faith found her reference to Muslims praying on airplanes insulting.

The congresswoman has yet to apologize or acknowledge any kind of insensitivity on her part. She seems to believe it’s okay to criticize people expressing their First Amendment rights because she disagrees with the message. It’s not the first time, either. ProPublica lists a deleted tweet from Omar, calling it sad that some Muslims celebrate Christmas.

Omar must be unfamiliar with Yasser Arafat, the Palestinian leader who traveled to Bethlehem every December to celebrate a man he believed to be a Palestinian prophet. On every aspect of the issue, the representative from Minnesota seems to have missed the mark by a lot.

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