Human Smuggler Gets in Deadly Car Crash Killing 5

Human Smuggler Gets in Deadly Car Crash Killing 5

5 People DEAD – Investigators Make A Tragic Find

( – The border crisis has been raging on for quite some time. While Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) is consistently processing those seeking asylum and turning away those who aren’t or don’t qualify, it’s only part of the problem. Human smugglers are always on the prowl, looking to make money on those who are willing to pay to cross into the US through other — illegal — avenues. This means migrants are risking, and sometimes losing, their very lives to do so.

Car Crashes

On the morning of June 30, a white Jeep crossed the border into Texas. When a CBP car tried to pull them over, the driver, alleged to be a human smuggler, decided it would be a better idea to try and get away at high speed. The vehicle ran into the back of a tractor-trailer on the highway near Encinal, killing four migrants and injuring himself and two others. The driver is not expected to survive.

Just the day before that tragedy, another suspected human smuggler chose the same tactic which ended in a similar manner, killing two more migrants in a rollover crash near Palmview, Texas. Also in the past week, the Texas Department of Public Safety released body cam footage of a June 10 police stop of yet another suspected smuggler where several of the illegal immigrants bailed out of his vehicle and one made the poor decision to run into a live lane of traffic. He did not survive.

Semi Truck Horror

The above accident is not the first time the border crossing near Encinal has been in the news. The most recent was the starting point of a tragedy of epic proportions and an example of the callous nature of the people involved in transporting illegal aliens. The Monday prior to the two car crashes, Homero Zamorano was allegedly at the wheel of a truck found parked near San Antonio. It had apparently been used to bring dozens of people into the country on a day when the temperature hit triple digits.

A good Samaritan heard cries for help coming from the semi and went to investigate. In and around the truck were approximately 50 corpses of people who had succumbed to the heat in the trailer designed for refrigerated hauling, but with no signs of an attached cooling unit.

Zamorano was apparently so high on meth that he required immediate transport to a hospital. Of course, this was after he was found hiding in the brush around the parking lot. He pretended to be a victim while his “cargo” literally baked to death in the trailer. He had been seen earlier in a photo taken at the crossing with his trailer behind him and a big smile on his face.

Excuse Us, Joe?

Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) took to his Twitter account just after the gruesome discovery and pulled no punches, simply stating, “these deaths are on Biden.” Representative Chip Roy (R-TX) echoed the sentiment, as did former acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf who served during the administration of President Donald Trump.

They all berated the president for refusing to enforce the laws of the country. The Border Patrol Union in a tweet upped that saying “add 46 (the initial estimate) to [the administration] death toll.” President Biden accused his critics of “political grandstanding around tragedy,” a tactic he and the other Democrats use on a regular basis. If there was ever a case of the pot calling the kettle black, this one takes all the prizes.

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