Hillary Clinton Targets Donald Trump in New Novel

Hillary Clinton Targets Donald Trump in New Novel

(WatchDogReport.org) – Failed 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has been in the news constantly over the last four years. She wrote a book, titled “What Happened,” about her inability to win the presidential election and, of course, took very little responsibility for the loss. Now, she’s back again with another novel and it doesn’t sound much better than the first.

Clinton announced she is writing her first fiction novel, “State of Terror,” with author Louise Penny. She claims the book is about a newly-elected president who’s taking office after “four years of American leadership that shrank from the world stage.” Clinton told her fans to prepare themselves for “treachery,” something she should know all about.

The Daily Mail called the book a “veiled swipe at Donald Trump.” CNBC and other news outlets agreed.

It’s not surprising that Clinton’s using a “fiction” label to attack former President Trump … again. What’s surprising is that she continues to be given a platform to do so while the media and the rest of Liberal America demands he be nicer. When are Democrats going to be held accountable for their rhetoric?

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