Hillary Clinton Spreading CONSPIRACY Theory – She Really Said It!

Hillary Clinton Shows Hypocrisy, Spreads Baseless Conspiracy

Hillary Clinton Shows Hypocrisy, Spreads Baseless Conspiracy

(WatchDogReport.org) – Failed Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was fiercely critical of Republicans who challenged the validity of the 2020 election. She’s accused anyone who doubts the result of working for Russia and being “very dangerous.” But now, she’s the one that’s criticizing an election result — before a single vote is cast.

In a new video posted by a left-wing group, Clinton warned that “right-wing extremists” are planning to “literally steal the next presidential election.” Her only “evidence” for this claim is a conspiracy theory based on a current Supreme Court (SCOTUS) case, Moore v. Harper, about state legislatures’ right to regulate federal elections. According to Clinton, if the “right-wing-controlled” court overturns the 2019 ruling, the GOP-controlled state legislatures could choose the next president instead of voters.

Of course, Clinton is wrong. Moore v. Harper is an obscure case about redistricting and doesn’t give state legislatures any power to overturn election results, but she’s also a massive hypocrite. Last year, she accused Republicans who disputed the 2020 election of “doing Putin’s work” and causing distrust and divisiveness.

It seems disputing a Democrat victory is unacceptable, but Clinton’s own six-year whine about how the 2016 election was “stolen” from her is just fine. Now, she’s trying to create doubts about the 2024 result before we even know who’s running, never mind who won.

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