Hillary Clinton Reacts to Trump Indictments

Hillary Clinton Reacts to Trump Indictments

(WatchDogReport.org) – During a recent interview, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said she felt no “satisfaction” about former President Donald Trump’s latest indictment. Instead, the Democratic leader said she felt a “profound sadness” when she heard about the 13 new criminal charges leveled against the former commander-in-chief.

Clinton made these comments during an MSNBC appearance, where she was going to talk about the recent essay published in The Atlantic about the problem of loneliness in the United States. However, right before starting to talk about this piece, news broke of the Republican leader’s fourth indictment of 2023.

After the network reported the news, Clinton was asked to share her thoughts about it. The former first lady stated the development was “hard to believe.” She said she felt sad that the United States has a former president facing so many criminal charges. Clinton then claimed this was an issue that went to the “very heart” of whether or not the American democracy would “survive.”

In another part of Clinton’s appearance at the Liberal network, she said that the public evidence against Trump is serious as this indicated he was planning to defraud the country and its people. Clinton then suggested the former president used a lot of tactics and strategies to overturn the election.

Clinton followed up with praise for federal prosecutors, saying they had conducted an exhaustive investigation against the Republican leader and some of his allies and lawyers. However, she pointed out she doesn’t know if anybody in the country could feel “satisfied with this.” Finally, she told host Rachel Maddow this was a “terrible moment” for the United States.

The Republican leader is now facing 91 charges in four different investigations. Despite these legal issues, Trump remains the main favorite to win the Republican Party’s nomination, according to most polls. FiveThirtyEight even reported that the former President is currently leading Florida Governor Ron DeSantis by over 30 points.

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