Healthy Young People Are Reportedly Dying From a Strange New Illness

Healthy Young People Are Reportedly Dying From a Strange New Illness

Mystery Illness Spreads – Healthy People Dropping Like Flies!

( – Young people with no apparent symptoms are falling victim to a rare and deadly medical condition. Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome (SADS), sometimes misnomered as “sudden adult death syndrome,” occurs primarily in younger adults, adolescents, and children. With few warning signs, these unfortunate souls most often meet untimely ends with little to no warning.

According to the SADS Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to the study, treatment, and support of those affected and their families, there are three specific warning signs to watch for:

  • Family history of sudden arrhythmic death — whether it be a parent, sibling, child, or otherwise, the first warning sign is a genetic link.
  • History of dizziness and fainting while exercising.
  • Unusual chest pains while exercising.

The foundation believes anyone experiencing these symptoms should see a cardiologist.

In Australia, the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute created a registry that promotes collaboration between services to share information that could be used to save lives. Dr. Elizabeth Paratz, a cardiologist and researcher well-versed in the study of SADS, told Australia’s that doctors see 1 in 10 SADS victims while they’re still alive, leaving little information available on actual statistics.

By adding records from local first responders, hospitals, and other sources that would report unusual death or injury, researchers will be able to better understand the mysterious ailment and how better to diagnose and treat it.

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