Greg Abbott to Sign Election Integrity Bill

Greg Abbott to Sign Election Integrity Bill

( – Texas Republicans scored a major victory when they finally passed SB 1, a sweeping overhaul of their election rules. Governor Greg Abbott (R) has now made the legislation a law.

On Tuesday, September 7, Abbott signed the bill. His signature was the final step in a months-long battle with Democrats. The Leftist lawmakers fled the state for six weeks to avoid giving Republicans the quorum they needed to bring the bill up for a vote. The Texas Supreme Court even gave the GOP majority permission to issue arrest warrants for the Democrats. In the end, it wasn’t necessary.

Abbott celebrated the passage of the law on Twitter.

The new law will limit mail-in voting, ban drive-through and 24-hour voting, allow partisan poll watchers to keep an eye on elections, and put other rules in place. The GOP wants to ensure Texans trust that only legal votes count in the elections moving forward, something many Americans doubted in 2020. Many people still have questions about whether everything was legitimate last time around. Even the perception that poll workers counted illegal votes tarnishes our Republic. Abbott believes the new law will make it “easier to vote and harder to cheat.”

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