Greg Abbott Issues Order for More Arrests

Greg Abbott Issues Order for More Arrests

( – In June, Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) announced he was going to allow authorities in his state to arrest illegal immigrants on trespassing charges along the border. That’s already started, and now he’s taken his plan a step further.

On Tuesday, July 27, Abbott sent a letter to the Texas National Guard adjutant general, Major General Tracy R. Norris, ordering guardsmen to help the Department of Public Safety with arrests. The governor said he’s doing it in order to “respond to this disaster and secure the rule of law” along the border. On Twitter, he explained, “more manpower is needed to enforce federal & state criminal laws.”

In addition to the arrests, Abbott has also said he plans to finish former President Donald Trump’s fence along his state’s border. The governor has made it clear he’s going to keep his state safe from the influx of immigrants even if President Joe Biden refuses — which is exactly what the POTUS has done so far.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) is also actively fighting the seemingly open-border policies of the Biden administration by filing multiple lawsuits against him. It’s become very clear the governor and his fellow Republicans aren’t going to stand by and allow leftist policies to destroy their state.

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