Governor Says Joe Biden Should Apologize for Calling MAGA Supporters “Semi-Fascist”

Governor Says Joe Biden Should Apologize for Calling MAGA Supporters

Joe Biden Told To APOLOGIZE – He Went Too Far!

( – Unless one has been living under a rock since at least 2015, the idea that the United States is deeply fractured comes as no surprise. Couple that with the Democratic Party’s fear that a red wave will flip control of the House, Senate, or both to the Republicans, and it produces a recipe sure to create vitriol. That may be what caused President Joe Biden to label the political philosophies of former President Donald Trump and his followers as “semi-fascism,” and New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu (R) is calling him out over it.

Speaking at a reception for the Democratic National Convention (DNC) at a private residence in Maryland, the president used his platform to say pro-Trump Republicans are a threat to freedom of choice (abortion), the safety of children (school shootings), and easing the debt burden on Americans (student loans). Of course, a cynic might say Biden was using it as a scare tactic to open the checkbooks of wealthy donors in attendance.

Governor Sununu appeared on CNN’s State of the Union and sharply rebuked Biden for attacking and insulting half of America. He pointed out the president’s comments are as ridiculous as it would be for Conservatives to lump all Democrats together as “ultra-socialist communists” who are intent on destroying capitalism. He called on Biden to apologize and reminded the viewers that he ran on a platform of bringing Americans back together.

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