Governor Orders State of Emergency Over Flash Flood Disaster

Governor Orders State of Emergency Over Flash Flood Disaster

STATE OF EMERGENCY Declared – Dozens of People Missing!

( – Early in the week of July 4, a catastrophic flood hit Buchanan County, Virginia, destroying more than a hundred homes. Dozens of people were missing. Governor Glenn Youngkin sprung into action, declaring a state of emergency that put first responders into immediate search and rescue mode.

Local news WCYB reported horrifying destruction and first-hand accounts from residents left wondering how to move forward. Multiple homes in the Whitewood area washed away into the creek that typically posed no danger. Resident Seth Owens told the outlet that he was sitting at the post office when an entire house floated by.

Dominic Fragoso, who also witnessed the tragedy, said water up to his knees pushed him towards the creek. He watched in horror as driveways snapped like twigs and fell down the mountain or into the creek. People struggled to make it to safety at the local elementary school, where food, cots, and friendly faces helped start the healing process from the devastating losses across the community.

A Twitter user used his drone to take aerial footage of the aftermath of the event that would undoubtedly change lives forever:

The heart-wrenching images and stories from Virginia are sure to be followed by the heroic tales of residents helping each other through the crisis, as well as the state’s accelerated response to assist in bringing normalcy back to the region.

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