GOP Candidate COMPROMISED? – ILLEGAL Leaks Reported!

GOP Candidate Targeted After Mysterious Leaks

GOP Candidate Targeted After Mysterious Leak

( – The term “Chicago-style politics” refers to the long history of political corruption by the Democrats in the city. It sometimes seems as if it’s alive and well in Washington, DC, today when one looks at the way Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and her ilk held much-needed COVID-19 relief funds. They did so in order to gain “leverage” over then-President Donald Trump. Then, there was the doxing of Republicans by supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Representative Joaquin Castro (D-TX).

The trend appears to be continuing with the release of Lieutenant Colonel Jennifer-Ruth Green’s military file, which includes details of a sexual assault. Green is running on the Republican ticket in Indiana’s 1st congressional district.

Green believes the leak of “illegally obtained” documents came from her opponent, Representative Frank Mrvan (D-IN), or others working on his behalf and was then used by Politico in an attempt at victim-shaming her. They quoted her file regarding poor fitness reports because while visiting a training center in Iraq, she separated from a group touring it to climb into a guard tower where she says she was sexually assaulted by an Iraqi serviceman.

The hopeful congress member claims that by reporting the incident against the advice of the military’s equal opportunity representative because it would be politically inconvenient, she was eventually discharged as part of a “reduction in force.” It’s entirely possible the timing of this leak is not a coincidence. In a poll from May, Green was trailing by seven points, but the race is now considered a tossup — leaning Democrat — by the Cook Political Report as of October 11.

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