Gasoline Thief Goes Up in Flames in Crime Gone Wrong

Gasoline Thief Goes Up in Flames in Crime Gone Wrong

INSTANT KARMA – Gasoline Thief’s Disaster Caught on Video

( – A gasoline thief in Utah found himself rolling across a parking lot after his seemingly amateur plan to steal fuel from a work truck went horribly awry. The unidentified criminal managed to get himself caught on camera as he burst into flames.

Ironically, the company truck the thief tried to drain belongs to Summit Fire and Protection. The incident happened on Saturday, June 18, in broad daylight. Branch manager Travis Mills told that the thief tried to siphon the truck’s tank first to no avail. The man then tried to drill into the tank, emerging from under the vehicle shortly thereafter with his shoulder in flames.

After the parking lot roll, the man, who appears to be in a lot of pain, hops in a getaway vehicle. It appears to be anything but the perfect crime. Mills said that the truck only had a gallon of gas in it; otherwise, the incident could have been far worse. He noted that while he understands how tough times cause people to do extreme things, there’s no way the $5 the thief would have saved could possibly be worth the risk.

Salt Lake City Fire Marshal Division Chief Tony Allred says with skyrocketing fuel prices comes higher rates of fuel crime, both locally and nationwide. He explained that this particular thief broke all the safety rules. A spark from the drilling or static electricity and sparks from the drill’s motor can all cause gasoline to ignite. For the company, the expense of a new tank and the downtime for employees only makes things worse.

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