Gas Pumps Found To Have Razor Blades

Gas Pumps Found To Have Razor Blades

( – When drivers arrive at the gas station to fill up their tanks, the first thing on their minds is probably the price per gallon and how much of a dent that trip will put in their wallets. But another concern recently surfaced in Forest City, North Carolina, that has police warning patrons to use caution before filling up.

On January 25, Lieutenant Brandon Rothrock of the Forest City Police Department notified the public that the Department of Agriculture found razor blades tucked under the handles of some gas pumps. Luckily, the agency found the potentially hazardous objects during a routine inspection before they had a chance to cut anyone. Authorities are warning drivers in the area to check handles before grabbing.

Local resident Brandy Hagan said the incident was “very scary,” according to ABC17 News. She pointed out that many well-meaning kids pump gas for their parents and could really get hurt. Another person agreed with Hagan, saying they couldn’t comprehend why someone would do such a thing.

The Department of Agriculture and the police department were investigating the matter, checking surveillance footage to see if they could pinpoint a suspect. In the meantime, the sheriff’s office encouraged locals to be vigilant to stay safe. Although some suggested wearing gloves while pumping, those might not protect a person’s hand from cuts, so customers should exercise caution and examine the handle first.

An update about the story posted by MSN stated officials believe the razor blade threat wasn’t as widespread as originally suspected. Police also noted they now have a timeframe as to when the perpetrators placed them on the pump handles. They promised to update the public as information comes to light and asked anyone with information to contact the authorities. The Forest City PD called the incidents “disturbing” and is anxious to bring the person or persons responsible to justice.

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