Former FBI Agent Says Buses Had Antifa Thugs at DC Capitol

Former FBI Agent Says Buses Had Antifa Thugs at DC Capitol

( – On January 6, when people began storming the Capitol building, a lot of people were left scratching their heads. The people were wearing MAGA attire and carrying flags with President Donald Trump’s name, but this was not normal behavior for his supporters. A former FBI agent believes he knows why it seemed off.

According to an investigative report by Paul Sperry, a former FBI agent told him that a “busload” of Antifa agitators arrived at the Trump rally to cause violence. The Leftists wanted people to believe they were the president’s supporters.

Conservatives across the country, including lawmakers like Rep Matt Gaetz (R-FL), have made similar statements. There is a belief that Antifa thugs stormed the Capitol building while wearing MAGA clothing in order to make President Trump look bad. And now, as Congress talks about the 25th Amendment or another impeachment to prevent the president from serving in office again, it’s not hard to see why Leftists would have caused the violence.

Authorities are currently investigating the unrest. Hopefully, we will all have answers soon.

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