FISA Court Grants FBI Terrifying Power

FISA Court Grants FBI Terrifying Power

( – The topic of FISA warrants were at the forefront of conversations when former President Donald Trump was in office because of the way the FBI treated people close to him. For instance, the agency was found to have violated multiple rules when applying for FISA warrants on Trump campaign aide Carter Page. One FBI agent was even prosecuted over it.

Because of the scandals, Republicans wanted to limit the federal government’s reach with the warrants, but it looks like that isn’t going to happen.

According to a report by the Washington Examiner on April 27, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court’s top judge, James Boasberg, gave the US government sweeping surveillance powers. In November, the judge acknowledged widespread problems with the program, but still renewed the warrantless surveillance program this week for another year.

That means the FBI now has the freedom to spy on American citizens — again. Essentially, nothing has changed in the wake of the recent scandals. Federal law enforcement still has the same freedom to abuse the program as they did before. It’s absurd.

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