First Lady’s College Class Canceled After Bomb Threat

First Lady's College Class Canceled After Bomb Threat

( – First Lady Jill Biden teaches a class at the Northern Virginia Community College in Alexandria. However, on March 29, the college canceled her class after someone threatened to bomb the school. NOVA Director of Communications Dawn Selak told Newsweek the NOVA police department received information about an “anonymous bomb threat” to the campus, so they closed all classes and the school for the day.

According to the first lady’s spokesperson Michael LaRosa, Biden learned about the bomb threat before leaving the White House that morning for class. He stated she was in no danger. She’s been teaching at the community college since President Joe Biden was vice president under former President Barack Obama.

The threat was the second of its type to make its way to US leadership in recent times. Vice President Kamala Harris’ husband, Doug Emhoff, had to leave a Black History Month event at Dunbar High School in February due to a similar incident.

Although neither situation resulted in any harm to Biden or Emhoff, it’s still concerning.

The Alexandria campus is working with authorities on every level to investigate the incident to determine the origin of the bomb threat and ensure the safety of all students and faculty.

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