Fight Breaks Out on Fox News Show

Fight Breaks Out on Fox News Show

( – Back in the day, Geraldo Rivera hosted a daytime television show that rivaled Jerry Springer’s show. The Fox News host once suffered a broken nose during a fistfight on his program. He has calmed a lot in the nearly three decades since — except for the other night on Sean Hannity’s show.

On Wednesday, Rivera joined Dan Bongino on Hannity’s show. The men were discussing the shooting of Daunte Wright, something that they disagreed about a couple of nights before. Bongino called Rivera out for “[pumping] out a race narrative” without any evidence. The conservative pundit went on to say Rivera wanted to see America “burn.”

Rivera became incredibly angry after Bongino said that and called him a “son of a —” who is “nothing but a punk!” The conservative pundit responded, telling him to “take a valium.”

Bongino remained calm the entire time. Even when Rivera lost it and started to call him names, he didn’t say anything derogatory. That’s how a professional is supposed to behave; perhaps Rivera can ask for lessons.

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